About Us

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What We Offer

  • Our platform is Free and Easy To Use
  • Giving Back by Supporting Good Causes
  • Flexible way of Making Proposals
  • Fast, Reliable and Modern Search
  • Full-featured Real-time Internal Chat
  • Outstanding Service Support

Using The Swaparoo Platform

Here at Swaparoo, you can easily publish items on our platform for perusal by other users. Once items are published, two options are available.

Published items can be swapped for other items among users, or simply purchased outright in a sale.

How you swap is completely up to you and the users you engage with on our community. Our platform allows for flexible proposals, making swapping with others fun and easy. Proposals can be made for swapping items or for making sales. Likewise, you can purchase items from other users.

The close, relaxed atmosphere encourages face-to-face swapping among members, giving everyone who visits a place to truly engage with others who share similar interests and a love for making fun and interesting exchanges. You'll also have the opportunity to freely converse with other members about items you wish to swap, discuss sales and more.

A search function is available for easily finding items. Use it to locate specific items or narrow down your results list.

Your own postings will also show up for other users through the search function. This makes it easy for them to create a proposal that will result in either swap or sale, the details of which are agreed upon at that time.

Best of all, using Swaparoo is free. Now you can take part in the fun of swapping without any charge to you. Simply create an account, log in and begin searching for the items you want.